Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Bitcoin updates the new highs. The cost of the main crypto currency reached $ 4400, and the bitcoin capitalization was equal to the capitalization of the PayPal payment service. 

So, bitcoin caught up to the capitalization of one of the payment services. And although Visa is still far from Visa, this can be considered an intermediate success.
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Demand for the crypto currency is fueling the expectations of demand from institutional investors, and some experts are quite sure that central banks will soon start using bitcoin as reserves. And although what is happening on the market looks more like a fever, more people are invested in crypto-currencies and this has to be taken into account.
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
On the eve of investment bank Goldman Sachs once again raised the forecast for the price of bitcoin - to $ 4800. However, given the current growth rate, the forecast will soon have to be revised again. 

But even these forecasts can be very conservative: some experts compare the popularization of crypto-currency with the spread of the Internet in 1995. 

Then in just one year the number of users of the global web grew from 1 million to 10 million. And the next year, when the Netscape browser appeared, the number of users increased Already up to 100 million. So it can not be ruled out that the number of users of crypto currency will soar tenfold - up to 50 million or 100 million. And then the cost of bitcoin can reach already $ 50 thousand.

Let's add, market participants have long been saying that the first exchange investment fund (ETF) of crypto-currencies can appear in the US, and this also fuels the optimism of market participants. 

So, it became known that the company VanEck has applied for the creation of Bitcoin ETF. 

Well, it should be noted that in the first half of August the bitcoin, together with gold, acted as a kind of protective asset against the background of fears of an escalation of the conflict in the DPRK.

Mysterious trader skillfully manipulates bitcoin

Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
Bitcoin conquered the new value and equaled PayPal
It was more than three years ago, in May 2014, when the media wrote about how bots manipulate the price of bitcoin "with the help of large-scale fraudulent trading" on the Mt.Gox digital currency exchange. In particular, one of the schemes was considered, which led to the collapse of the exchange, which, since 2014, stopped trading. 

Then many traders began to notice suspicious behavior on Mt. Gоx. From 10 to 20 bitcoins were bought every 5-10 minutes without stopping for a month until the end of January. The operations were carried out by two algorithms, later called "Willy" and "Markis". Each time an account was created, it was used to buy bitcoins for the same amount of dollars. Soon a new account was created, and everything was repeated in a circle.

In total, about $ 112 million was spent to buy about 270 thousand bitcoins, the bulk of which was bought in November. So who is the cause of what is happening and why? 

Ultimately, this alleged manipulation did not help Mt.Gox: the stock market collapsed, which was the largest and most famous fraud in the market for crypto currency. 

It was worth remembering about this case, because now, when bitcoin is trading above $ 3 thousand, there are rumors about a certain trader "with almost unlimited funds that manipulates the market of bitcoins." This trader received the nickname Spoofy because of his attempts to "spoof" the market, primarily on Bitfinex.

Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years

  • Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years 
  • Bitcoin's market capitalization in 10 years can reach $ 1.75 trillion 
  • Soon experts will be able to identify new fundamental factors for crypto-currencies 
Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years
Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years
Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years, which would mean an increase of 3483% from the current record high, the analyst said, who quite rightly predicted the crypto-rally rally this year. 

In December, Saxo Bank published its annual report, "Shocking Predictions," in which the forecast for bitcoin growth was above $ 2,000 in 2017. When the forecast was published, bitcoin traded at $ 754, so the target price is 165%. Bitcoin reached $ 2 thousand on May 20. 

However, analyst Kay Van-Petersen predicts another growth of the crypto currency: $ 100 thousand for 10 years.

Van Petersen believes that crypto-currencies in general - not just bitcoins - will account for 10% of the average volume of trade in fiat currency for 10 years. Now the average volume of foreign currency trading is just over $ 5 trillion, according to the Bank for International Settlements. 

10% of $ 5 trillion - $ 500 billion. Bitcoin will account for 35% of this market share, that is $ 175 billion from $ 500 billion. This means that the daily trading volumes of bitcoin will be $ 175 billion. 

In addition, Van Petersen believes that the market The capitalization of bitcoin will be 10 times the average daily trading volume, which gives a figure of $ 1.75 trillion in market capitalization. Currently, this figure is about $ 37.8 billion, according to the website of CoinDesk.

Bitcoin has a limited stock of 21 million, which is expected to be achieved by 2040. In 10 years, 17 million bitcoins will be in circulation, now they are 16.3 million, the analyst said. 

If the market capitalization of $ 1.75 trillion is divided into 17 million bitcoins, each bitcoin will cost just over $ 100 thousand. 

Van Petersen emphasizes that this is a rough calculation, but that his growth forecasts may be "conservative", given that in 2013 The price of bitcoin has increased by more than 5000%. The analyst noted that crypto currencies are able to survive in the long term.
Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years
Bitcoin could grow to $ 100 thousand in 10 years
In the field of bitcoin, there is also a share of problems and the possibility of reputational damage. The digital currency is often perceived as a currency that is used to conduct various illegal transactions, such as buying drugs on the Internet. There was also an example of a hacker attack by a malicious program called WannaCry, which encrypted all files on the computer and required bitcoin in exchange for unlocking them. 

Nevertheless, Van Petersen says that the industry is still very young and it still needs improvement. A number of factors will stimulate the development of bitcoin, including improved wallets, simple methods that allow buying a digital currency, use it for remittances in various regions, especially in volatile economies.

"Volumes are growing, volatility is dropping, many people are talking about volatility, but if you are in Zimbabwe or Venezuela, this volatility does not mean anything." And I think that in the West, many see it as speculation, but emerging markets will get Her, they have other needs, "added Van-Petersen. 

And while Van Petersen suggests one way to determine the value of bitcoin in the future. Analysts believe that there are other factors that need to be taken into account. 

The cost of crypto currency will be influenced by the fundamental factors that will determine the development of bitcoin from a technical point of view and from the point of view of regulatory issues.

Top 10 Mining Pools of Bitcoin

Top 10 Mining Pools of Bitcoin
Top 10 Mining Pools of Bitcoin
The avalanche of all kinds of news, articles, analytics and forecasts on bitcoin this year surpassed everything that was published on the subject of virtual currencies in its volume earlier

Not only enthusiasts, but also serious financial organizations, who are trying to understand how serious the chances of a new type of currency in the future are watching for crypto-currencies. 

As Vesti.Ekonomika reported earlier, the historical rise of the crypto currency forced observers both in the technological world and on Wall Street to talk about the fact that the crypto currency is in the "bubble". 

One of the characteristics of bitcoin is that the release of new bitcoins is decentralized, it does not depend on any regulatory authority, the volume of emission is known in advance.

The activity to create new blocks for the opportunity to receive compensation in the form of issued bitcoins and commission fees was called "mining". 

It is believed that it is more profitable to obtain digital coins than to buy them. If we consider the most popular crypto currency, bitcoin, then the current level of complexity of its extraction is so high that it is already impossible to obtain profit in the solo minings. 

Modern group-mining technologies allow users to pool resources to increase the likelihood of extraction through joint block solutions. As a result, the reward received is divided between the participants, depending on the system of payments used by the service.

In 2017, there are more than 1500 pools for the crypto currency. All of them differ not only in interfaces and informativity, but also in power, types of currencies that can be extracted, the system of distribution of remuneration and commissions of service. 

Below we present the top-10 largest mining pools of bitcoins.

1. AntPool

AntPool is based in China, is controlled by BitMain and produces about 15% of all blocks. 

The main method of calculating the award is PPLNS without commission, there is also a PPS with 2.5%. 

Antpool has also original services - it is solo-minining for fans to play for good luck, and also node P2Pool - for those who want to support the decentralization of the network. 

There is an interface in Russian.

2. DiscusFish / F2Pool

DiscasFish, also known as F2Pool, is also in China. It accounts for 12% of all units in the last 6 months. 

This is the only one of the leading services that works with the PPS payout system, the resource commission is 4%. 

If possible, profit is best displayed immediately. 

In accordance with the terms of the service, all funds stored on the internal balance for more than 90 days are written off without warning in favor of the project.

3. BitFury Pool

The only project in the top five that is not in China. The owner is the company with the same name, which produces equipment for its own data centers located in Iceland and Georgia. 

Third-party access to the service is closed. It accounts for about 12% of the hash-beat of the bitcoin network. 

In addition, Bitfury leads the way in terms of the amount of investment received. For the year the amount exceeds $ 60 million. 

Almost all of them are used for the development, construction and maintenance of the data centers.


The BTCChina pool ranks 4th in the overall ranking and 3rd in China. 

The pool of this trading floor accounts for about 7% of the blocks. 

This bitcoin-pool belongs to the Chinese exchange with the same name, one of the largest in the world. 

Thus, it expands its range of services, as well as conducts its own transactions, without relying on third-party services. 

The pool is open only to the clients of the exchange, in addition, it has significant own capacities. 

Unfortunately, its interface is very poorly translated even into English, not to mention other languages. Therefore, information on it is extremely limited.

5. ViaBTC

ViaBTC is a completely new pool, there is about a year. Its share is 6.5%. 

Via BTC is one of the largest mining pools in the world, experienced a 50% drop in hash capacity after placing all its resources for Bitcoin Unlimited mining.

6. BW Pool

BW was founded in 2014 in China, mines about 8% of all blocks. There is a partial translation into Russian. The basic charging system is PPLNS without commission.

7. BTC.Top

BTC.Top is also a new pool, which does not even have a website. Perhaps he does not accept third-party participants. The share is 6%.

8. Slush

Slush - the first mining pool, now its share is 6%. He remains one of the best and is very popular. 

Since Slush did not seek to make the project commercially viable, in recent years its share among such resources has significantly decreased. 

Despite this, the developers are constantly working on improvement, not so long ago was added support for Zcash. 

Uses its own payment system combining PROP and PPLNS. 

Service commission - 2%. Supports the production of crypto currency bitcoin and nimescoin. 

During his work he earned an excellent reputation and never failed the users.

9. Bitclub.Network

Bitclub.Network is a large pool with a share of 4.5%, but it has a bad reputation, so it is often recommended to avoid it. 

The company began operations in 2014. 

This pool allows you to earn a variety of currencies, not limited to bitcoin.

10. GBMiners

GBMiners - Mining Pool, who found its first unit in August of last year, is now becoming one of the competitive mining pools in the bitcoin sector. 

This is a pool with a share of 4.5%, which probably does not accept new members. 

This pool is based in India.

Bitcoin: Top 5 tips for beginners in the extraction and purchase of crypto currency Buy or drop

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bitcoin: Top 5 tips for a newbie
Bitcoin: Top 5 tips for a newbie
The Bitcoin (bitcoin) rate suddenly began to grow rapidly from the beginning of the year, breaking the $ 2000 mark for 1 BTC a month ago. Naturally, against the background of such unprecedented growth, the public has increased interest in this crypto currency.

For those who decided to purchase or most "namaynit" bitcoin, I will give five practical tips for beginners.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital crypto currency created in 2008 by some mysterious mathematician Satoshi Nakamoto.

 Bitcoins are not controlled by anyone, but are accessible to everyone
Bitcoins are not controlled by anyone, but are accessible to everyone

Live them you can not touch - they are exclusively in the World Wide Web, like your bank account. But at the same time, they are not controlled by anyone (even the inventor himself), open and accessible to everyone. They are distributed and stored on the principle of p2p networks, like Torrent.

Anyone can track all the transactions of any Bitcoin, which makes them transparent, but at the same time, the owners can not be found, which makes them attractive to those who like anonymity.

A robust encryption mechanism that is used in SSL, in SSH and even in banking networks, has a 100% resistance to hacking, which means it guarantees that even the Pentagon will not be able to get to the bitcoins.

For example, to crack the network bitcoin, there will not be enough power for all supercomputers in the world.

These coins have nothing to do with crypto currency - it's just a souvenir
These coins have nothing to do with crypto currency - it's just a souvenir

The biggest surprise is that the number of Bitcoins is limited and they can not be extracted indefinitely. It is estimated that the total number of available bitcoins should be 21 million , and by 2025 the last BTC will be produced.

The catch is that the Bitcoins get harder every year (mining), it's made more difficult - it's done specifically to constantly increase the value of the crypto currency.

From 2009 to December 2012, the amount of remuneration for one extracted block was 50 BTC. Then this number dropped to 25 BTC. When the number of produced bitcoins passes through half, the reward is reduced by 2 times. When their number reaches 75%, the reward will fall another 2 times, and so on.

Based on the above facts, it can be assumed that the Bitcoins value will only grow, especially when more and more people start using them, and the new BTC will appear less and less until it runs out and will have to use what will be available in circulation.

The cunning move of bankers and politicians with a printing press for banknotes in the case of Bitcoin will not be possible. This fact only increases the value of the crypto currency and causes hatred on the part of the powerful.

Bitcoin Mining

The main way to extract Bitcoins is still "mining" (mining). Obtain them with a special utility installed on your home computer. Their list can be viewed here - they are all free.

NiceHash Miner. Extremely simple interface. Information about the computer's power and approximate production per day is displayed.
NiceHash Miner. Extremely simple interface. Information about the computer's power and approximate production per day is displayed.

You need a gaming desktop (notebooks are not absolutely suitable) with a powerful video card , at least GeForce GTX 1060 or ATI Radeon RX 480 with good cooling, because the video card will be loaded 100% day after day. It's the video card that decrypts the Bitcoin data.

But even if you have the same configuration, and have already decided to become a "miner" - not so simple.

The above configuration is the minimum tool for mining. Profitability of production in the above-described computer will not exceed $ 2 per day (0.000794 BTC).

Therefore, to increase the production speed, crypto currency is usually bought by special "farms" - bundles of several video cards connected with each other (from 3-5 and more). The price for such a kit comes to the cost of used foreign cars. Payback in about 2-3 years and this with a round-the-clock "mining" and a load on the grid 800-1500 watts.

A simple "farm" for mining Bitcoins
A simple "farm" for mining Bitcoins

For those who are looking for "mining" faster, you can pay attention to ASIC-miners . The cost of such computing "monsters" starts from $ 2500 - they are created exclusively for "mining" and outperform the farms of 30 video cards, but they are no longer suitable.

Bitcoin wallet

To get Bitcoins, you need an electronic wallet. All types of purses can be studied on the official website . There are a lot of them, with different interface, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, better study them in detail, before creating a purse. We can recommend Simple Bitcoin, Electrum or Breadwallet.

Example of a purse for Bitcoins
Example of a purse for Bitcoins

Important: when creating a purse, securely store your login and password, otherwise it will not be restored in any way.

To receive Bitcoins, you will need the recipient's address-it is issued in text format as a random sequence of numbers and letters, and also in the QR code version. This is convenient when someone wants to send a crypto currency through a smartphone or simply write down the address for the future.

The wallet can not be cracked with the selection of keys, since it is generated in a reliable way using the SHA-256 encryption method.

Buy Bitcoin

If "mining" for you is more expensive than money, then you can purchase Bitcoins on reliable resources. As practice shows, bitcoin will only increase in time, but it is subject to currency fluctuations. 

Bitcoins sell and buy several online exchangers: UkrCash , E-BTC , Let'sPay , Bitcoin24 .

What can I buy for Bitcoin ?

In the world, bitcoin can already be paid for almost any services and goods in which this currency is not yet banned. Very often bitcoins are calculated on the Internet for goods that are difficult to obtain or require complete anonymity - yes, they are often used for any criminal transactions, since it is impossible to track the seller / buyer.

The list of what to spend bitcoins, you can see here - the site is a modular hodgepodge of everything, for which you can pay off the crypto currency. And those interested in luxury goods for bitcoins can look on this site - here you can buy everything from gold watches to the island in the Caribbean Sea.

Bitcoin: Top 5 tips for beginners in the extraction and purchase of crypto currency

How to invest in Bitcoin?

The idea of ​​crypto currency (sometimes called digital or virtual currency, or electronic cash) in general terms originated at the end of the last century. Then the first projects were presented. But the real crypto currency appeared in 2008, when someone, hiding under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, introduced and then launched the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is a decentralized system of issuing electronic money, that is, it does not have a "central bank" that issues this money. The system operates on the principle of a peer-to-peer network, in which there is no central server, the variant of such a network is known to many as torrent. The emission of bitcoins occurs by mining, or "mining": in order to obtain bitcoin, the computer of the network participant must decipher some complicated cryptographic problem. Bitcoins are mined not by one, but by blocks, the size of which is halved after every 210 thousand blocks extracted, that's why the quantity will never exceed 21 million.

Through every 2016 units extracted, it becomes increasingly difficult to extract them. At the moment, the user of the home computer "get" bitcoin is almost impossible, the power of his car is simply not enough. Today, supercomputers are involved in mining, for others this task is simply unprofitable. It remains only to buy bitcoins on special exchanges or in online exchangers. The number of bitcoins is finite, therefore their cost is constantly growing. Many investors see in bitcoin some analogue of gold as a defensive asset, only more reliable, because no government can take away their e-currency from them or launch its hyperinflation. At the same time, bitcoin, like traditional currencies, is subject to fluctuations, on which one can make very good money, that is, this tool is of interest to both speculators and long-term investors.

Since the beginning of 2017 as of June 14, 2017, the bitcoin rate has increased by almost 200% , rising to $ 2,761. It would seem that he, the ideal instrument for investing, is a reliable currency, which only grows in price (according to some analysts, in the medium term the price of bitcoin will reach $ 10,000), it's not for nothing that one of the most popular queries in search engines concerns exactly the investments in bitcoins.

However, investing in bitcoin is not so simple. Our article will tell you how to invest in bitcoin in Russia with maximum protection of the interests of the investor and with a minimum starting capital.

Underwater rocks

To begin with, despite its popularity (the share of bitcoin is now around 70% in the global crypto currency market), its legal status is not the same in different countries. If in Japan bitcoin is recognized as a legal tender, in Germany it is allowed as a monetary unit, in China operations with bitcoin are allowed for individuals, but not accessible to banks, and in Switzerland it is treated as a conventional foreign currency, applying the relevant laws to bitcoins, In Russia its status has not yet been determined.

Accordingly, a Russian investing in bitcoin, not only violates the law, but acts at his own risk and risk, is not protected by any legal norms.

The other side of the coin is a high entry threshold. Recall that the value of this currency today is approaching $ 3000. Bitcoin is traded on virtual stock exchanges, the largest of which are Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, BTC-e. Independent trading on these exchanges has its own specifics and can hardly be recommended to a novice trader. Fluctuation of quotations during the day is several times higher than the dynamics of shares or futures, and crypto-exchange services are much more expensive - for example, the commission for a transaction on the Bitstamp exchange is 0.5%. In addition, there is very little news on crypto-currencies, and it is very difficult to trade bitcoin, focusing on external information, as on the stock exchange.

There is one more important aspect concerning the safety of independent investing on the stock exchange. Bitcoin is positioned as a very reliable investment - the user is well protected by the very concept of crypto currency. However, with the growth of its popularity, the number of hacker attacks is also growing. "Take away" bitcoins from the electronic wallet, in which they are stored, is very difficult. Transactions are also safe. But to steal electronic money from a client account on the exchange - the task for hackers is quite feasible. Exchange crypto currency in recent years are increasingly in the center of scandals associated with the loss of digital money from users' wallets. So, in 2014, the theft of bitcoins worth $ 450 million led to a major Tokyo Stock Exchange Mt. Gox to the close.

Nevertheless, there is an elegant way to circumvent these pitfalls and invest in bitcoin with full legal protection and an entrance threshold accessible to the widest range of investors.

Lifkhak for bitcoin

The casket is opened in a surprisingly simple way - it is not necessary to invest in bitcoin directly, opening a bitcoin-purse. It is enough to buy securities of the fund, for example Bitcoin Investment Trust, which invests exclusively in bitcoin. Pros of this scheme - the cost of securities repeats the dynamics of bitcoin, and each share costs almost 10 times less bitcoin.

Such securities are traded on the American platform OTCQX - this is the over-the-counter market, which presents companies that must meet the highest requirements, almost the same as those made for public companies on major US stock exchanges. The fund's shares are liquid, that is, they can be sold or bought at any time, and therefore, given the significant fluctuations in the bitcoin rate, they can be earned on both a long-term investor and a speculator.

Now Bitcoin Investment Trust shares are traded at a premium to the bitcoin rate. 

This award is due to the fact that they plan to become the first public fund (ETF) investing in bitcoins. The shares of the fund can be freely invested not only by private investors, but, most importantly, by large investment and pension funds, for which the OTC market (where Bitcoin Investment Trust shares are traded) is closed by law.

How to buy a securities fund

Despite the fact that Bitcoin Investment Trust papers are not traded on the Russian market, a Russian investor can freely buy and sell these and other shares through the trading platform ROX . In this case, the investor is trading in the legal field, that is, it is protected by US law. It is not difficult to master this trading platform - it's enough to pass a special training video course. However, there is also an alternative option that does not require independent work with the trading platform: applications for the purchase of securities can be submitted by phone or e-mail - an employee of the investment company will perform all necessary operations. So, open a brokerage account - and invest in bitcoin! 

Bitcoin Currency - a virtual soap bubble or a real chance to get rich?

A new wave is approaching in the computer information world. Something in the near future should be a serious, some kind of technological breakthrough. Lots of symptoms.

At first glance, the signs are dangerous, they are alarming. The boom of cybercrime. Total implementation of business and intelligence services in social networks can not hide anything. The new virus-extortioner "Petya" blocked the websites of large companies around the world and even the Kiev airport "Boryspil" in the week. For unblocking, they demanded 300 dollars in bitcoins.

This is a new kind of money, crypto currency. This, of course, is not cash. This is a record in the computer. Similarly, when you use non-cash money, it's also simply a record in the computer - money is written off from the account or, conversely, is entered into the account. But there is a fundamental difference: the money we use is emitted by the state. Created, printed by the state. Not so with crypto-currencies. They can be created by anyone.

How was it in the old world? Suppose you wanted to release your currency. Draw beautiful bills, printed in the printing house and announced that you change them for money - in rubles or dollars. You do not even have time to tell why your currency is as good as rubles or dollars. The criminal case - and in the jail. Because the state has a monopoly on the issue of money. But that was before.

Now comes the new information world. And in this world you can issue your own currency, the Crypto currency. And for this there will be no punishment. And how does the currency in the world differ from the currency in the virtual world? Nothing! Why were they imprisoned in the old way, and are told about the new information technologies in a new way and extol the creators of these technologies? Apparently, because it is someone to benefit, some very serious players, very influential forces. And so who would print money to anyone who did not get it! It is here that there is a breakthrough. Who will win, who will lose - it is not clear yet, everything is in a fog. But the game is planned very large.

"It all started with a cup of tea" - perhaps, so write the historians. No, tea is the most common, the historicity of the moment in the way of payment. Real goods for the money created on the Web, it would seem, is unclear how and by whom. For the first time in Russia, one of the restaurants began to accept crypto currency. Where did the businessman Vladimir Smerkis in the purse of the bitcoins, at once can not explain. Better immediately show.

This is the largest in Moscow crypto-currency "farm". The so-called places where bitcoins and other cyber money are extracted are called. It is mined, that is, mined. Thousands of video cards and processors are assembled together, in fact, into supercomputers. Round the clock they spend fantastic computing power on solving some mathematical equations. For every decision - an automatic reward, this is the very bitcoins or any other crypto currency.

Why did money depend on gold before? It is valuable, because it is rare to find, it is necessary to try hard, it is impossible to get an infinite amount of gold at once. With the crypto currency the same: to create one bitcoin, you need to solve a very complicated equation using a powerful computer. This takes time, you can not immediately get an infinite number of cyber-money. So at some point a group of people agreed, but let's be our mathematics. At the same time, the entire world system works itself, does not depend on anyone and is built in such a way that it is impossible to forge crypto money.

"One farm, consisting of five video cards, earns about 1.2 ethers a month - it's a crypto currency, which is about $ 500 today," says co-founder of the crypto-investment fund Vladimir Smerkis.

The world was covered by cryptoliosis. Mining is engaged in giant corporations, small start-ups, office workers, students and even schoolchildren.

"A lot of people now take loans, borrow money from acquaintances, mortgage apartments in order to create their own" farm "", says the co-founder of the crypto-investment fund Vladimir Smerkis.

Head is heading round the course. Earlier bitcoin cost several dollars, now - 2.5 thousand dollars apiece. Many collect "farms" directly in the apartments. At one point in the capital almost disappeared from the sale of video cards, and now they have almost doubled in price.

"They buy up video cards in very large lots: 100, 200, 300. One buyer wanted to buy a thousand of us," says the consultant of the computer supermarket Nick Smeyner.

The sales consultant is now not surprised by mining - they will help to assemble your first "farm" for one or two.

The moment of truth: how much can you earn by giving 360,000 rubles before that? In this scenario, the "farm" will pay for itself only after a year, still spending on electricity, and the exchange rates change every second. They can both grow incredibly and fall down. Cyber ​​markets have already collapsed, but, for example, a cybercenter does not exist. The system is designed so that it works by its own laws.

"As in the well-known story about the fact that among the gold diggers there were not many gold ones at all, but those who sold them jeans, shovels, pickaxes just earned. And here is about the same picture. A little like another MMM in fact, when using the legend, the promotion of a lot of suckers there rushes, "- says specialist in artificial intelligence and social network analysis Igor Ashmanov.

Whether the crypto train left for ordinary users or there is still a chance to jump - a real lottery, you will not disassemble. However, business and even governments of the countries are increasingly coming to the market of crypto-currencies to meet, it is simply impossible to ignore.

"The operations of the Irish dairy, a large dairy company, were performed with an Australian supplier. Or, again, an Australian company with an American company, the Dutch port transferred money for a certain amount of money to the crypto currency, "- says Nikolay Grebennikov, vice president of engineering for Acronis.

Who is not in the topic - does not understand a single word. Employees of this company say: to know about them you need one thing.

"They are moving the new economy forward. - "How is it different from the old one?" - To everyone, you are your own bank, you control your own money, "says Alexander Bezkrovny, project manager of the block-platform.

Armed with technologies that use the markets of crypto-currencies, Alexander Ivanov went further - created an independent decentralized exchange from no one.

"What can be more effective than releasing your money. You can issue your money, you can issue your share, you can issue your bond, "says founder of the block-platform Alexander Ivanov.

All this is called one word - a token. Everyone can release it, but the value depends on your personal success. For example, you need a project that will interest the participants of the system and they will be ready to buy your shares and money, which means that their value will also grow. Everything, as on ordinary exchanges, that's all the payments in the crypto currency. And the token of every person or company, in fact, becomes a new currency. This whole scheme is the last cry of cryptomode.

Perhaps in the future each will have its own personal currency. As they say, do yourself. Whether this will lead the world to chaos or a brighter future is hard to say. Even two groups stand out: crypto-anarchists believe that cyber-currency and anonymous systems should displace all traditional ones, and crypto-realists are waiting for the usual banks, exchanges and money to finally unite with the miners, "farmers", their bitcoins and tokens.

Wake up, Neo! It seems that the reality turned out to be more complicated than any Matrix.

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