Bitcoin Currency - a virtual soap bubble or a real chance to get rich?

Monday, August 21, 2017

A new wave is approaching in the computer information world. Something in the near future should be a serious, some kind of technological breakthrough. Lots of symptoms.

At first glance, the signs are dangerous, they are alarming. The boom of cybercrime. Total implementation of business and intelligence services in social networks can not hide anything. The new virus-extortioner "Petya" blocked the websites of large companies around the world and even the Kiev airport "Boryspil" in the week. For unblocking, they demanded 300 dollars in bitcoins.

This is a new kind of money, crypto currency. This, of course, is not cash. This is a record in the computer. Similarly, when you use non-cash money, it's also simply a record in the computer - money is written off from the account or, conversely, is entered into the account. But there is a fundamental difference: the money we use is emitted by the state. Created, printed by the state. Not so with crypto-currencies. They can be created by anyone.

How was it in the old world? Suppose you wanted to release your currency. Draw beautiful bills, printed in the printing house and announced that you change them for money - in rubles or dollars. You do not even have time to tell why your currency is as good as rubles or dollars. The criminal case - and in the jail. Because the state has a monopoly on the issue of money. But that was before.

Now comes the new information world. And in this world you can issue your own currency, the Crypto currency. And for this there will be no punishment. And how does the currency in the world differ from the currency in the virtual world? Nothing! Why were they imprisoned in the old way, and are told about the new information technologies in a new way and extol the creators of these technologies? Apparently, because it is someone to benefit, some very serious players, very influential forces. And so who would print money to anyone who did not get it! It is here that there is a breakthrough. Who will win, who will lose - it is not clear yet, everything is in a fog. But the game is planned very large.

"It all started with a cup of tea" - perhaps, so write the historians. No, tea is the most common, the historicity of the moment in the way of payment. Real goods for the money created on the Web, it would seem, is unclear how and by whom. For the first time in Russia, one of the restaurants began to accept crypto currency. Where did the businessman Vladimir Smerkis in the purse of the bitcoins, at once can not explain. Better immediately show.

This is the largest in Moscow crypto-currency "farm". The so-called places where bitcoins and other cyber money are extracted are called. It is mined, that is, mined. Thousands of video cards and processors are assembled together, in fact, into supercomputers. Round the clock they spend fantastic computing power on solving some mathematical equations. For every decision - an automatic reward, this is the very bitcoins or any other crypto currency.

Why did money depend on gold before? It is valuable, because it is rare to find, it is necessary to try hard, it is impossible to get an infinite amount of gold at once. With the crypto currency the same: to create one bitcoin, you need to solve a very complicated equation using a powerful computer. This takes time, you can not immediately get an infinite number of cyber-money. So at some point a group of people agreed, but let's be our mathematics. At the same time, the entire world system works itself, does not depend on anyone and is built in such a way that it is impossible to forge crypto money.

"One farm, consisting of five video cards, earns about 1.2 ethers a month - it's a crypto currency, which is about $ 500 today," says co-founder of the crypto-investment fund Vladimir Smerkis.

The world was covered by cryptoliosis. Mining is engaged in giant corporations, small start-ups, office workers, students and even schoolchildren.

"A lot of people now take loans, borrow money from acquaintances, mortgage apartments in order to create their own" farm "", says the co-founder of the crypto-investment fund Vladimir Smerkis.

Head is heading round the course. Earlier bitcoin cost several dollars, now - 2.5 thousand dollars apiece. Many collect "farms" directly in the apartments. At one point in the capital almost disappeared from the sale of video cards, and now they have almost doubled in price.

"They buy up video cards in very large lots: 100, 200, 300. One buyer wanted to buy a thousand of us," says the consultant of the computer supermarket Nick Smeyner.

The sales consultant is now not surprised by mining - they will help to assemble your first "farm" for one or two.

The moment of truth: how much can you earn by giving 360,000 rubles before that? In this scenario, the "farm" will pay for itself only after a year, still spending on electricity, and the exchange rates change every second. They can both grow incredibly and fall down. Cyber ​​markets have already collapsed, but, for example, a cybercenter does not exist. The system is designed so that it works by its own laws.

"As in the well-known story about the fact that among the gold diggers there were not many gold ones at all, but those who sold them jeans, shovels, pickaxes just earned. And here is about the same picture. A little like another MMM in fact, when using the legend, the promotion of a lot of suckers there rushes, "- says specialist in artificial intelligence and social network analysis Igor Ashmanov.

Whether the crypto train left for ordinary users or there is still a chance to jump - a real lottery, you will not disassemble. However, business and even governments of the countries are increasingly coming to the market of crypto-currencies to meet, it is simply impossible to ignore.

"The operations of the Irish dairy, a large dairy company, were performed with an Australian supplier. Or, again, an Australian company with an American company, the Dutch port transferred money for a certain amount of money to the crypto currency, "- says Nikolay Grebennikov, vice president of engineering for Acronis.

Who is not in the topic - does not understand a single word. Employees of this company say: to know about them you need one thing.

"They are moving the new economy forward. - "How is it different from the old one?" - To everyone, you are your own bank, you control your own money, "says Alexander Bezkrovny, project manager of the block-platform.

Armed with technologies that use the markets of crypto-currencies, Alexander Ivanov went further - created an independent decentralized exchange from no one.

"What can be more effective than releasing your money. You can issue your money, you can issue your share, you can issue your bond, "says founder of the block-platform Alexander Ivanov.

All this is called one word - a token. Everyone can release it, but the value depends on your personal success. For example, you need a project that will interest the participants of the system and they will be ready to buy your shares and money, which means that their value will also grow. Everything, as on ordinary exchanges, that's all the payments in the crypto currency. And the token of every person or company, in fact, becomes a new currency. This whole scheme is the last cry of cryptomode.

Perhaps in the future each will have its own personal currency. As they say, do yourself. Whether this will lead the world to chaos or a brighter future is hard to say. Even two groups stand out: crypto-anarchists believe that cyber-currency and anonymous systems should displace all traditional ones, and crypto-realists are waiting for the usual banks, exchanges and money to finally unite with the miners, "farmers", their bitcoins and tokens.

Wake up, Neo! It seems that the reality turned out to be more complicated than any Matrix.

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